Family Hubs?

Monday 5th December 10:00am -11:30am Haggard Community Centre in Willenhall. Parent Leaders and Ignite are working together to help you get involved. What's a family hub?
This is where we need your ideas so far it is a place that will provide support for families with children from 0- 19 years?

How will it support families in Willenhall?
Family Hubs are new, the Council is still figuring out how they will work.
That's where you come in.
We want to hear from you about what you feel a Hub should look like and do to support people where you live.

We don't need you to come with all answers.
We just want idea's and thoughts.
We want to know when have you been supported?
What does good support look like?
What has stopped you from accepting support in the past?
Who helps you if you have a problem?

Come meet with us for a cuppa, Christmas craft and a chat
Children are welcome


We need your support

To help people lead healthy, active lives and have the same chances in life as everybody else.