Grapevine does practical, hands-on work that tries to connect those of us who are isolated with the good people and good things in their communities. We want to help others to do similar work and so we offer training and consultancy in connecting.

We have delivered this training on behalf of the British Institute of Learning Disabilities, the Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities and Valuing People to organisations all over the country.

Our training and consultancy is like all our work: it starts from a strong belief in people and communities and is intensely practical. We know and use theory - asset-based community development, for example - but we also know that people like to be pragmatic and not dwell too long on abstract concepts. So our training and consultancy is based on the real work that we do and on helping organisations to overcome practical problems.


"Grapevine have encouraged us to think of the way we deliver services in an entirely different way.  We've been given the confidence and energy to try new things we'd previously never considered. Our thinking has shifted from 'what if' to 'why not'."

Amy Prowting Personalisation Manager People in Action 2013

Training packages

We run tailor-made training events (usually one to three days) for self-advocates, family members, support staff, managers and commissioners.

A typical training package consists of:

A one-day introduction to connecting people for staff, family and people with a learning disability.

Two days on the practice of connecting people, including examples and exercises on a range of community-connecting approaches.

A one-day follow-up after a few months of practice: problem-solving.

A day for managers to help them understand how they can supervise and support staff who are connecting people.

Talk to us about your particular needs and we can work out a tailor-made package with you.


Good practice guidance on the government's personalisation agenda, says 'a key purpose of social care services should be to enable disabled people to participate in the community as equal citizens'. Commissioners and families have a growing expectation that organisations will demonstrate their effectiveness in connecting people.

Organisations that have used Grapevine training and consultancy include:

  • Vibrance in London
  • Delos in Northamptonshire
  • Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities
  • Valuing People in the Midlands.


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