Hayley Archer

Health Champion, Hayely Archer (in green berlow) , talks about her job.

hayley archer at work


I first started at grapevine in summer 2012 as the regional health champion for people with learning disabilities. I had an interview with Ellen and Angela it went very well, I was so thrilled when I was told I got the job.

I found it hard to get my head around the new health self assessment framework at first.

There was a lot of preparation work to be done for the two training days I was going to deliver with my work equivalent Siraaj from changing our lives.


I did my first two training days in September 2012 where I met the local health champions their supporters, and two people who work for the strategic health authority. They were called Ranjit and Laurence. Who were going to be working with me on this project.

It was really nice to get to know the local health champions find out all about them also tell them all about me too.

I really enjoyed doing those days found it to be fun too.

In October 2012 I went to the different parts of the west midlands visiting different hospital settings talking to health professionals and commissioners about the health needs of people with learning disabilities.

At the end of the health self assessment framework project we had a evaluation day in Birmingham inviting the local health champions to come back in December finding out what we all saw where we visited these services .

In January I've started working on a different project. I went with Angela to two
events last week. The first one was the clinical consultation event in university hospital Coventry. Where it was different people working for the hospital I like chatting to them I found it very in resting and informative.

I had the health self assessment framework conference last Friday I was presenting with my work colleague Siraaj the day went very well it was lovely to see my mum come she
very proud of me. I was pleased how many people came too.

Everyone enjoyed the day. I had a microphone on me when I was speaking.


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