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Advocacy has been around as long as people. One person, who often has advantages, looks out for another, who often has few.  Seen like that, advocacy is not a service. It's organic and personal - a community affair. For many people, though, the word 'advocacy' means a professional, short-term intervention that aims to solve someone's crisis. That kind of advocacy can help people solve problems but we think there's a bigger picture: isolation is the real issue. If you have no-one in your life who cares about you, then you are vulnerable and more likely to lurch from crisis to crisis.
Instead of spending their time in a series of crisis interventions, perhaps professionals could create a different type of advocacy role - helping to build a more natural, long-lasting network of advocates around people. What would a different advocacy role look like? We want to have a conversation with as many people as possible about this question. So, together with WEbenable and Frameworks 4 Change, Grapevine has started a new website: Community Powered Advocacy. Go to and click on 'join the debate'.




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