About Us

We help people experiencing isolation, poverty and disadvantage move towards a positive future. Everything we do is based on our belief that:

Connections matter - services can't always be there, but other people can. Grapevine supports people to build resilience-enhancing relationships and connections to others. Many people facing difficult times don't have the support of strong networks.

Everyone has something to offer - people have strengths and abilities. Grapevine can help them find others who will welcome their contribution. Often people are stigmatised, labelled and just seen as having needs.

A good life is a life that grows and changes -  too many people live on the edge of coping and never open up their prospects of a better life.

We all need the chance to learn from our mistakes - we have to stick with people even when it's hard to do that. We also have to think about what we are learning as staff and how we need to change too.

Too often paid professionals think they know what's best. But at Grapevine, we stand together with the people we support - we don't take over. We stand behind people and try to see the world through their eyes.

We value passion. We believe in what we do and we believe in what other people can do. We go where need is greatest, bringing a dynamic flexibility and a belief in the ability of communities and individuals to thrive.


"I have now met and worked with many of Grapevine's staff and the common feature of all of them is that they display passion for their work and high levels of emotional intelligence. Grapevine  is clearly highly skilled in identifying the right people to work for them and is equally skilled in nurturing them and developing their interest into a passion." 

Sue Bent, Director of Coventry Law Centre (2013)


Grapevine was set up in 1994 becoming a charity in 2004. We originally helped people with learning disabilities. Since 2012 we have supported a broad range of people all of whom were going through severe isloation, poverty, disadvantage and discrimination. We now tackle problems faced by young undocumented migrants, 'Troubled Families', disabled people, vulnerable parents and local neighbourhoods.

Grapevine is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. We have a Board of Trustees half of whose trustees have lived experience of these issues. They are responsible for the governance of Grapevine.   


We need your support

To help people lead healthy, active lives and have the same chances in life as everybody else.